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We aim to create a relaxed, happy atmosphere that is both homely and secure, within which each resident is assisted and encouraged to develop and maintain a lifestyle that affords them the maximum level of independence their capabilities will allow and be treated with respect, privacy and, above all, dignity.

We understand that everyone is different. Therefore, we adapt our care to suit each resident. We recognise their needs and strive to treat each resident according to their own needs and wants.

Our experienced well trained / qualified staff are always gently supportive whilst mindful of the need for periods when residents prefer the privacy of their own room.

Every resident at Harpwood will find everyday life very much like any other community, encompassing respect, privacy, dignity and the opportunity to interact with their own peer group.

Thus, we have created the right environment which supports physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Our ethos – we assist people in living, not waiting to die.

Equality, Diversity and Human rights are the basic principles that govern the way we provide service at Harpwood. With people in mind as individuals, we are committed and dedicated to treat everyone with dignity, privacy and respect regardless of their age, disability, gender, race or religion.

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